I am reviewing the Bourrée today, in preparation for our lesson tomorrow.   I’ve got to find a way to  do this emphasis thing without putting the weight in.    Also, have been practicing the Gavotte in C minor – in the final section, I have been extending to 1/2 position, but then letting my fingers fly in the air too much during the open string that follows.   I have to find D afterward, but my hand is not organized enough for the job.

Also, finally broke down and bought Eric Siblin’s book.    It helps me make sense of the Spanish Bow, the fictionalized account of Casal’s life written by the person who inspired this blog in the first place – Andromeda Romano Lax (see link in blogroll).   It also helps me relate better to Bach – we have many of the same issues dealing with authority, it seems.  he also bounced from job to job at first.

I just started the book, and we’ve covered much of Bach’s life and have moved on to Casal’s.  It’s an interesting approach.   I should be honest and say that even though I love my Kindle, it’s not very good for ADD people – I keep jumping from book to book, not getting through any.