Tackled Dotzauer (I’m not sure which of his books since I only see one page at a time, sort of like the Manhattan Project) #7 and #8. The first one is mostly quarter notes with a fair number of fourths, played stacatto, but not literally so.

Here’s what I have noted from this experience:

1. Compare phrases – are they the same pattern except for a shift in pitch? Are they exactly the same?
2. Compare the end and beginning note of each phrase. Have we gone up or down in pitch?
3. Know what the common intervals sound like in terms of everyday noises or songs (doorbell = fourth, my Bonnie = sixth, hunting horn=fifth)
4. Notice when phrases step off the scale, or off the common arpeggios for that scale.
5. Find “scale-y” things that are easy.

As usually, note any accidentals and exceptions to the rhythm. These particular ones do not look like they’re intended to be too rhythmically challenging.