One of the points from the most recent lesson, pertaining to Kummer, was that I should not take mental breaks mid phrase if I can avoid it. I should put together the phrase in my head, and then just go and play it all the way through. I should not pause (unless there is a call for it in the music itself) mentally mid way to say “OK, I just got to A, and I’ve finished my up bow – where do I go next?”

Have you ever met anybody who puts too many ums and ahs into their spoken sentences? If you’re involved with Toastmasters, you know all about eliminating habitual fillers from your speech. I’m trying to avoid the cello version of that.

So, that was the goal of practice. Taking Nancy M’s suggestions, I strictly limited my time on each piece and this forced me to be clearer about my practice goals. Today’s was to play entire phrases. Set it up in your head, taking mental breaks before I play, not during. Then go. Just do it, even if you slide funny.

In Aikido once you start the roll, you finish it. There is no stopping in mid air to fix your roll. If there’s a problem, or you land flat on your back, you fix the next one.

Returning to music, the phrase in this case it was the descending figures in the fourth line of the Kummer #58. (C#-E-D-F#, E-D-C#-E, and so on).