Last night, I had probably the  ugliest practices of all time.    I was distracted, heavy on the strings, played one note at a time with no sense about grouping or phrasing, and all around under-confident.  Here’s some toasts to the bright sides of an ugly practice:

  1. Tomorrow’s will be better; it certainly won’t be worse.
  2. In order to help make things better, the ugly time has given your brain something to work on for next time
  3. If you know it’s an ugly practice, think about how far you’ve come in that you can recognize it this time.
  4. That’s what practice is for anyway.
  5. You’ll appreciate the good ones even more
  6. You’ve gotten some of the ugliness out of the way instead of postponing it for the next day’s practice.

And in fact, today in lesson some of the tough sections were good enough to refine.