Tonight was my first attempt at sight reading.   Dan gave me some Dotzauer material which I was not to look at until sight reading time.  I get a read through, then two run through of the material.  The quality of my playing matched the quality of the spelling of this post’s title.

Well, my first attempt at this was like a novice driver taking a night drive down a country road , but only looking up at the road when it was necessary to avert disaster.   I managed to keep the car on the road, but it wasn’t smooth, sporty, or pretty.  There was no phrasing or planning involved.

This exercise had nothing faster than quarter notes, and no slurs or string crossings.   Part of the problem was my sight itself.   I’m not sure what the best solution there is to this short of a time machine to make me younger.   There were times when I was saying is that a D or an F?  I either need my reading glasses for this, or my regular glasses without contacts.

Most of the mistakes revolved around missing accidentals and the shifts back and forth from second position.  I had read some of the existing blog literature on sight reading,  yet it was still hard to make the best use of my read-through time.