I continue to get ready for more advanced work by learning the new “grown up” scale fingerings as well as working on the 2 octave C minor (melodic,natural) scales in preparation for the C minor Gavotte. Today I worked on the Beethoven Minuet, trying to put the whole piece together with all the repeats. I did this twice, and then went back to focusing on the second two lines. It’s almost there. Some parts are really sweet, and others need work. I’m amazed how long it took me to put the whole thing together, and now I can start listening as I play since I have it mostly committed to memory now.

10/17 practice summary.

AM Practice summary: C major 2 octave (which features the shift from IV(A) to III(B)) 15 minutes
Beethoven: 35 minutes
C minor scales: 10 minutes.