Why on all other nights…

Well, I suppose in a grand philosophical sense, maybe the questions are more interesting than the answers. 42 is the answer, and the mice built an entire bio-computer (commonly known as the Earth) to answer the question.

However, I cannot profess to such grand ambitions. The reason I want to ask these questions was partially inspired by an old post of Emily’s (I’ll dig up the link eventually) where she advocated that all cello students can also teach. Just think of what you know that a rank beginner does not know. Think about what you can safely show them that won’t mess their technique up for life.

If you were taking a trip across country, you may be taking it for the thrill of the journey, but you would also want to know practical matters like how long it takes to get over the mountains, or what special maintenance needs your car should have met before tackling the desert. And of course, you would want to know the cost, even if the value is priceless.

So, part of the reason I am asking is to re-cap my memory. Where have I been? What could others expect? If somebody said “should I take up the cello, what do I need?” Where do I stand on the “buy vs. rent” issue. (I’m in favor of renting, but I think most equity programs are not worth the extra cost). It’s also good to know what the cost is. I covered that issue in a previous post, which apparently needs to be updated for inflation. (translation: my teacher finally had to raise his rates after a few years of holding them steady).

I’m playing the cello so that I can play some of my favorites for myself, as well as to learn to play with others at the appropriate level. I just want to make music and call myself an amateur musician.