Starting to come up on two years of cello playing, which will be 11/24. During the run-up, I’ll be posting a few interesting looks back as well as summaries.

Of course, Dan says don’t measure yourself yet; two years is nothing. And I can definitely see that point. But still, to the average non-cello player, two years is something and they probably want to know when I will play something equivalent to the C major suite.

Which brings me to the questions,which I won’t answer now. Maybe I’ll never answer them, but I’ll try.

1. What do I know now that I didn’t know then? What could I teach somebody?

1 1/2. What can a two year adult cello student typically do?

2. What have I learned about myself in the process, besides that I am an over-controlling person who needs to relax – and yes that does manifest itself in my playing.

3. How many hours have I put in? Was it worth it (at the risk of spoiling the response, the answer is yes).

4. What is humorous about my time with the cello?