I put in about a half an hour on Kummer #59. It went really well, since I sat down and analyzed the pattern and was able to focus on my entire body instead of just my left hand.
Coming Soon: A post about a recent concert I saw. I will say this in advance – as an amateur musician I found it energizing to watch the pros (and future pros) in action. Although their level of musicianship was so far above my own, I still felt inspired by the music and that in turn encouraged me to pay more attention when I practice and put more of myself into it. I don’t really need to recommend going to see live music, as that is a given for me. Going to see live music is what made me regret I never had taken up a stringed instrument in school and let me to the cello in the first place.

My son, who plays viola, did not attend, but I cannot blame him as it was held at our temple and he had just been there the day before.