I practiced it for an hour today – tried to run through the whole thing, warts and all. It’s sort of starting to come together. There are three places where I’ve got to put those dotted rhythms in correctly, even admidst the shift, and that’s hard.

I tried to go through the whole piece with a sense of rhythm, mistakes be darned. It went better than expected. Still, I suspect Dan is going to start us on Gavotte in C minor once the Beethoven is “mostly there”.

Still, part of why I took up cello was to get an appreciation for all the things that go into making a piece of music. I wanted also to become a more intelligent listener.

But it’s fun as heck to play, too.

I need to post my thoughts on Schoenberg sometimes this week, as well.

ps. as soon as I find my misplaced Camera pictures of Stempie are coming.