With my technical book taking up most of my time, there is still time for cello but progress isn’t coming as quickly. We’re doing some of the less challenging Kummers now just to keep me acquainted with the cello.

Speaking of which, Stempie is back, and Dan reports he is sounding much clearer.

As for the actuarial connection: I’m excited that Stempie has a new lease on life, although a bit jealous now that his life expectancy should exceed mine. I actually need to think about who would get it should I pass on before I expect to. I could either pass it back to its former owner who could give to another devoted cellist, or I could will it to a similar person near me.

OK, all this talk of posterity should not be taken as any sort of a hint of poor health on my part. I’m just suggesting, as the ads for those watches do, that we really don’t own cellos; we just guard them and pass them to the next generation.

I need to post pictures, but that requires that I set up my room nicely, and find my camera cable. Neither of those things are going to happen until the weekend. I love having him be concave and having a real bass bar. The only strange thing is the D string seems to slip faster than the others. Ideas?