Life has been rather unreal lately, and I have been unable to keep a cello routine going. We had a lesson today where we carefully went over all the shifts in the Beethoven piece and all the shifts in the Kummer #58. Parts of the Beethoven (Minuet from Suzuki book 3) are starting to snap into place, though.

School year is in full blast, and yet I don’t hear the viola in the background while I practice. So, life is pretty much normal. I suspect I’ll be returning my son’s viola next year, though.

My loaner cello is quite nice. I’m being patient with Stempie, since there’s no point in rushing until I have the money to pay the piper (or luthier in this case).

The bigger picture is that I need to cut down my other activities so that I can clear the mental space to get good at cello. If I’m trying to get competent at too many things at once, they will all suffer.