I wish I had purchased a cello stand earlier in my development. This little item has revolutionized my practice. First off, with the cello on the stand, I see it every day. When the cello was in the case, I just saw the case. Now, I’m pretty motivated so I can get my cello out of the case in order to practice every day. Yet having the cello on the stand makes it so much easier. I’m practicing within seconds of thinking of it instead of a minute or two. One minute extra may not seem like much, but it adds up.

With a stand, it’s no big deal to grab the cello and listen to a scale or two in the middle of a busy day. I don’t have to “make time” for that.

It’s just a subtle thing – it’s the lack of a barrier. I don’t have to open the case, unstrap, and gently pull the cello out of its case.

Practice log for past few days:
9/6 – Kummer #58 : Up to first repeat
9/5 – Beethoven Minuet (Suzuki Bk 3 #5) – lines 3-4 : 1 hr
9/4 – Beethoven – lines 1-2 : 30 minutes
9/3 – Beethoven – trio section: 1 hr
8/31 through 9/2 – no cello due to breakage.