Still in Beethoven Immersion mode. I think I’ve been on this piece for almost two months. I had a Skype lesson with Emily in mid July about this piece. Now, it’s the second set of repeats that needs work feeling musical. I’m still a bit unsure about posting photocopies of the score. I don’t want any legal hassles, even though it’s clearly fair use.

Dan told me to just let go and don’t worry about anything but the rhythm and the phrasing. Also, he suggested I clear the house so that I’m not thinking even on a subconscious level about pleasing anybody. I’m to just let go with the bow.

Working with the loaner cello is interesting. It took a day of doing scales to just get used to “the beast”. I call it that because the fingerboard is wider than Stempie’s. Actually, any fingerboard is wider than Stempie’s. Also, it is heavy, and the sound is just right. It’s not too bright, like the previous loaner cello I had.

It also feels like fourth position is a little lower on the fingerboard.