Foggy Morning

Originally uploaded by T Hall

OK – short vacation. I’m actually headed out tomorrow sometime. Right now, I’m in the cello swamp. I’m not quite sure what to do to make things better.

Once I’m out of the swamp, I’ll see things more clearly. Right now, it’s hard to know which way forward is progress.

Something else?

We talked in the lesson about paying attention to shape and phrasing as a way to guide technique. That I’ve been playing for a while and I really can have the ability to track a particular note through a sequencee (say D-G-A-F#-G-A) and work on hearing that the G sounds the same each time. He also rather strongly hinted that I need to feel more at home in fourth position than I do.

If I notice how different types of notes are in a phrase, I need to ask how they work together.

In terms of technique, we revisited something I had talked about with Emily regarding keeping the fingers curved in 5th position, not reaching so much for A.