I had a second lesson, only three days after the last one. We focused on working in phrases – both in small detail and large. As we repeat each phrase, work on refining it a bit – tone, rhythm, bowing, shifts, or whatever is key on that particular measure. In Beethoven Minuet, we talked about planning shifts by playing simpler versions and then using the ear to plan the shift.

I felt myself getting better by the measure. Practicing has been more fun lately, since there is more material to play with.

We also looked at the big picture. I’ve been treating each phrase as though it was an appointment I had to make, and then rushing willy nilly from one appointment to the next, just like my real-life afternoons. Better would be to make my appointments while also keeping in mind the “weekly” and “monthly” (phrase and piece) calendars as well.

To make blog posts easier, especially about Kummer, I’m going to start photographing snippets of the Kummer because I don’t have the patience right now to work with abcedit for vista, especially with Vista heading for obsolescence.