Today we focused on the Beethoven. More specifically, we spoke about keeping my elbow at the right level and keeping it light. To do this, I need to be keenly aware of body weight and centering. In turn, I also need to be aware of when I’m starting to pour too much arm weight (even 25% is too much here) into my playing.

We also covered how to practice. We discussed that you cannot force your way through a problem, and if I am frustrated then I need to turn my attention elsewhere. This means that I am not trying to solve the right problem. Maybe focus on rhythm if the intonation has hit a brick wall. Maybe focus on tone and forget rhythm if nothing else is working. Stay on the phrase, but don’t stay stuck on anything for more than 10-15 minutes.

Outside of lessons, I juggled some deadlines and a kid’s doctor appointment. I’m kind of bushed right now.

We also talked about releasing notes on time to start the next one.

Practice tonight G major scale. Work on keeping that pinky curved and part of the organized hand. My pinky knuckle has been collapsing, as was pointed out today.

Habit to drop : on triplets, don’t make the third one longer!