Chase Utley in Better Days
It’s going to take a while for the thumb to totally heal. I have at least something in common with Chase Utley, who is on the Disabled List for a strained right thumb. Mine doesn’t require surgery, at least as far as I know. His, though, is on his bowing throwing arm.

Although Dan would likely take some pity on me for the thumb, I at least want to walk into my lesson with some of the Kummer bowing material ready to work on. In fact, I do feel good enough to do practice with stopped strings again shifts to or from half position aren’t too bad.

Fortunately Kummer #55 is a bowing exercise that leaves my hand mostly in first position, with only a couple of shifts to manage. Even still, I can only manage about 35 minutes a night of regular practice. For the other thirty minutes, I do these slurp exercises recommended by
gottagopractice, in a custom video she made just for little old me. Thank You Again!. I put up an example of my attempt as well, although the sound from my voice shows I need a better mic. The cutie you hear on the other end is my son, who decided to provide a last minute narration.

Probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that my ordinary slurs are doing better, particularly in the Scherzo. The Beethoven still hurts a bit to play. Small steps.