Anyway, as some of you know, I injured my keft thumb. This is less severe, cello wise than injuring my right thumb. However, I am left handed, and this has affected the rest of my life. I should be ready in a few days to play again. Since this injury coincides with the upcoming July 4 holiday, likely my next blogging will occur on 7/6 – one week from tomorrow.

Although I tried a simple scale or two today without issue, my doctor said we should try to avoid moving it too much, as this just prolongs the injury.

So, thanks to all my loyal readers – have a happy July 4. And it looks like the lady in this picture (courtesy of is at risk of a hand injury of her own, not to mention the poor bald eagle.
Lady holding American Flag

So, the moral is – don’t play with fire – take care of yourself this holiday, enjoy the fireworks and stay clear of injuries so we can all enjoy our cello playing.

fyi: my injury did NOT come from firecracker usage, but I still need to be more careful.