Scherzo (Webster meno mosso section)

  • Go to the tip of the bow, as you change the strings and get set on the D string, note where your body is
  • Play light and smooth.

Kummer #52

  • Watch the rhythm
  • When making shifts, make sure to arrive slowly.   I shouldn’t be “slamming on the breaks” as I arrive at the strings.
  • Work out large shifts in horizontal and vertical pieces, but then once I get the arrival smooth, try to make sure your body learns the distance.
  • Use the elbow as a counterweight, otherwise I’m using my back to slow the hand
  • Always avoid reaching just with the fingers

Bowing – keep the bow from drifting towards bridge on up-bow by using the first finger to tilt the bow slightly upward.  Just don’t exaggerate it.

It was a good lesson, since I had been working hard.   No more lessons until July 20.  I might see if a certain someone can provide a Skype lesson for the right price.   Dan said he’d provide some commentary if I send him a video.

Lots of Homework!

Kummer #56,#58,#59 and I think #55.

Beethoven Minuet from Suzuki book 3.  We marked up the bowing in greater detail.