6/14 – One year anniversary cello party continues!   Started the Beethoven Minuet from Suzuki Book 3.   Worked through with the left hand the first six lines.    After walking through that,   I focused on the shift from 1(D) to 1(G) on the first bar of the third line.

I am noticing that I am tackling larger blocks of music than the same time last year.   Practiced 75 minutes.

6/17 – Practiced second line of Beethoven, very slowly and deliberately.

6/18 – finally tackle Kummer #52 – a bowing exercise.    The first two lines are do-able but I need to make it rhythmic.

6/19 – Primarily Kummer #52, first three lines.   Also played the Meno Mosso from the Scherzo again.  Slurs still don’t sound smooth.   I’m not focused enough right now.   Each practice should have a focus, but I’m doing breadth first practice right now

6/20 – 75 minutes – all Kummer #52.  That second line is very shifty, and I’m having trouble managing my left arm – keeping it balanced.

In other news: tomorrow first day of summer camp for kids.