Practice Session at Dan's studio - Webster's Scherzo

The videos are up.   Let me tell you the story, though.   I had been promising some people that I would show them what I meant by the “dribbling balls” or “petting the dog” bow stroke.

During a recent lesson, I brought my camera so Dan could help me make this demo.   I was also planning to make a video to celebrate having Stempie for one year.

So, he decides to combine both projects with an innocent: “why not try to play it all the way through?”    Prior to this session, I had never attempted this piece.   The main practice I had done was on the first few bars trying to get the bowing right and the meno mosso section.

We did about eight takes.   I didn’t get a good take of the entire thing, but I did try to post the sections that were remotely passable.   After about 20 minutes , I no longer had the power to keep concentrating.    I posted two videos.  One is of the beginning, and the second is the meno mosso section.

The videos are on Youtube on an unlisted link.  If you would like to see the links, please e-mail me or leave me a note in the comments.

The results of this first run through were rough, as to be expected for the first time I tried to tackle that much of it.   But you do get to see my sexy legs!