My practicing has been sporadic lately because some other projects need to be advanced. These projects are important to my building a name for myself outside of my job, and may help me finance some cello activities. We continue to be in rough financial seas, but I think we’ll be OK.

I keep promising videos. They are coming! I’ve got the Meno Mosso from the Scherzo to post as well as the Scherzo introduction.

Since tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my acquiring my current cello, I want to thank my benefactor and reassure this person that the cello is still actively and publicly (at least as far as videos go) played.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to play such a lovely sounding instrument.

Tonight, I got the rosin gunk off the strings with an alcohol soaked pad (making sure it would not drip on the cello itself).  After washing my hands and with a separate cloth, I dusted off the fingerboard.