We discussed how tone on the cello should be “easy tones”. These are the notes we get when we are barely pushing or working. The arm is driving and the fingers move, but passively. It’s no different in tennis, where we would prefer to hit the ball on the sweet spot rather than force it over the net from a bad spot on the string.

There may be times when we may put a little more weight in, or make it grittier, but for the most part I should know how to find that sweet spot and base my coordination off of that.

In other matters, we reviewed bow distribution. In Kummer #50, I need to be at the tip at certain points and I can’t let the D string “eat up bow”.

I also asked about slurs, particularly within the same string. Basically, my mind and arm (but not my physical head) needs to be anticipating what the string will need on the next note and start that physical adjustment an instant before my left hand moves. This is particularly germane towards the slower sections of the Scherzo, which is getting better. I still need to make that video for gottagopractice. I have the script, the time, and the software. I secured my son’s agreement to hold the camera.

So, relax, breathe (but NOT note for note!) and focus on making it easy. Then make sure your left hand has it easy so your right hand can drive.