I cancelled not one ,but two cello lessons this week, but I can’t say why on this board.   Interested parties may ask via the normal private channels.  I’m generally disgusted with the way I am running my life.   My kid’s schoolwork is sputtering, my career is somewhere between Egypt and Mt. Sinai, so it shouldn’t be surprising that my cello playing is in a similar state.   And yet, cello is doing OK. What’s next, a #7 team making it to the Stanley Cup Finals? (Sorry, Autumn).

Each day, I’m working on that scrubbing bow thing-ey, and I’m going to get Andrew or David to tape it.   I worked on the I(Bb)-II(G) slur, in Kummer #50. I’ve blogged about this slur before for an earlier Kummer piece (I’ll post the link at a later date). It seems a miracle that I can even get my hand in position, much less get the bow on the right string. But I’m doing it at “glacial” pace, and it is coming.   My goal for the end of may is to have Kummer #50 in a state where I can play it through with some sense of rhythm and structure.  However, to meet this goal, I might have to practice only this with the occasional foray through the Minuet to make sure it stays familiar.

Just had a hard time giving the strings the right weight they needed tonight. So, I really focused on just one or two measures of the Kummer #50 (I so want to abbreviate this to K50, but that’s reserved for Mozart!)

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