Working on D melodic minor scales.  I got a new scale sheet.    I’m doing all sorts of new pieces!  A Kummer #52 bowing exercise, which I haven’t started yet.  I’ve got huge amounts of work to do these days, including a book to edit on which I am behind.   So, posts will be frequent but short.    I’m still working on this scrubby-bowing.  Dan suggested I work two levels – do a few bars of Scherzo, then back to open strings, and so on.

Tonight was predominantly the scale and Kummer #50.  The last bar has a tricky measure where I have two Bb and a B natural.  The tricky part is to move smoothly into the next measure, which is the end of the phrase and supposed to be a smooth slur.

Update – 5/23

The last two days, I have been working through my melodic minor scales.   Although Dan would like me to have three octaves, I’m set for now with two because it is taking me time to learn how the <i>descending</i> (natural part) of the scale should sound.   My focus has been on C-minor because of what is coming up in Suzuki Book 3.   It’s the revenge of Bach’s “Minuet #3” from book 1, complete with the C-minor section previously omitted.

At each session, I am reviewing the Boccherini Minuet, doing the open strings bow “dribbling” practice for Webster.   Kummer is the one thing that hasn’t happened much this weekend.