5/17 – No scales – played through the minuet as much as I could, Kummer #53, focusing on making the last two measures sound cheerful and melodic.   Practiced about an hour.   This has not been a good week for the cello.   Sometimes I feel I need to catch up on other priorities.  If I let critical household tasks lapse, or my progress on my book or my job stagnate,  I will start resenting the cello.   We don’t want <b>that</b>.

I had been avoiding a technical  problem at work, which has been more profound than I thought.      I’ve only practiced about 4 days since my last lesson.   I feel like tomorrow, I will be going to confession.   Also, this past week was an Aikido seminar.  While wonderful, it did not leave much time for cello playing.   I was quite tired after each day of training, and I didn’t even go to the whole thing.   The Friday before, I spent a fair amount of the day making Origami for decorating the dojo.   About 30 flowers and 6 vases.

So, while I am not excusing myself from practice, it has been a rather full week.   I’d feel guilty if I spent more time in front of the TV, but I had been excited about this seminar for a while.   What I could do better is manage my calendar so that I can warn Dan in advance when it is not looking like a big practice week.  That’s more responsible than looking back for where my practice time went.