5/13 – Walked through Kummer #53 with left hand. Right hand was really the star of the show on this one, but still needed to walk through it. I had Andrew on the recorder giving me a drone for my G major scale.

Did the third line of Kummer #50.

Since I need to make a video for GottaGoPractice on this bowing for Scherzo, I thought I’d practice it. On a couple of these, I did get the rebound effect. I played the first line with 8 notes per pitch instead of 2 as the music is written and longer bow lengths.

5/15 – quick practice because I’ve been busy as well as tired today. I did a G major scale because I need to hear that G above middle C more often, and it is important to nail that for the Scherzo. Since I don’t have that bowing motion down, I just played each pair of sixteenth notes as though it were an eighth note. This is just to get the melody line down. Since I don’t have the bowing right anyway, reinforcing a bad habit won’t be helping.

Been spending my non-cello time at the Aikido Bridge Seminar. It turned out to be too much for me, but that’s a topic for another blog. The thing it has in common with cello playing is that it is a practice. There’s no winning, no ultimate point of mastery – just an ongoing program of improvement in connecting and moving with others.

I also worked through the chromatic passages in Kummer #50 a few times.

As for my own playing, I keep going through the following process in my mind:

  • I am going to quit tomorrow
  • Well, maybe not tomorrow,but I can’t emphasize cello the way I have in the past. My work is not getting done.
  • I’ll just practice the minimum to not get worse
  • What exactly is that anyway? If I practice every day, and those few minutes are with purpose and attention.    I will get better.
  • I’ll practice as much as I can but make sure to get some in every day. If there’s time for TV, there’s time for cello,
  • which pretty much leaves me where I am now – about an hour a day of practice and two on weekend days.

I say this pretty much every day, somewhat akin the Dread Pirate Roberts threatening his protege every evening with “Good job, I’ll most likely kill you in the morning”