We spent some time working through a rhythm exercise in Kummer #50. The rhythm is
1 & rest-2 3-4 (tied) 5 & 6 &

The goal was not to repeat any mistakes. After a mistake, I had to find a way to simplify the measure. Instead of plowing through, we tried to pysch ourselves around the trouble spot. First, if we got to the fifth beat correctly, we just said “5” and didn’t play. This made sure I got the first few beats. Then we added a single half note for 5 & 6 &, then eventually did the whole thing. Once this was done, we did the measure twice to burn it in.

The other part of the lesson was making sure I was extending instead of shifting on the Scherzo.

The trickiest part was learning the bowing technique necessary for this piece. He showed me the arm shape and pronation necessary. This was the so called “dog petting exercise”. I need to learn to feel that rebounding feeling as my hand comes off the imaginary dog. First, I have to do it with longer lengths and gradually shorten them. The goal is not to do this fast but short.

New Pieces – Kummer #53.