I’m still practicing, but slowly. Work and Family needs have taken time away from my cello practice. Of course, there’s always some time for cello, just like there’s always time for TV. I just delete TV time and boom, there’s practice!

However, that’s about all I got in this week. I’ve been generally discouraged by my progress on the (Boccherini) Minuet, even before this interruption. Syncopation drives me nuts, so this is a place I have to sit with until I’m ready to move on. Still, I played a little before work this morning really slowly. If I just play the measure by itself, I can usually do it. I’ve been playing it at a glacial pace lately so that I can mentally count out “One (and two) (and three) and”
and try to hear the pulse in the middle of the note. Is that what I’m supposed to do?

In the meantime, I am moving along in Kummer #42, trying to get a feel for the intonation and shifting needed. I’m still coming up flat on my A4(440 Hz) as i get to the harmonic A on the third measure of the second line. When you are off on your harmonics, it’s like a radio out of tune; crackle and static. Ouch.

I’ve been working on my major scales that make me go up the A string – 2 octave A major, 2 octave Bb major, and 3 octave C major.