I know this is a few days late, but it’s been busy at work, thank goodness. I’ll go through the lesson in order – left hand, right hand, then general comments:

Left Hand
The biggest issue is reaching too far with my fingers instead of setting my arm and hand up to be organized. Organized does not mean tight. It means feeling the space in your hand and how open it is, so you know where you can put your hands to have your fingers land in place. As we get to the “not quite thumb position” regions, especially with my cello, I need to relax and balance my thumb somewhere in on the side of the cello neck.

I went back to April of last year to notice I’m still working through the same issue with reaching!
Right hand
In order to stay light on the minuet, we discussed using the full amount of the bow that I plan to use. If I cut myself short, the phrase will sound heavy.

General Comments
Went over the key issues for Kummer #42, including the multiple shifts I need to do between fourth, fifth, and sixth positions. I need to keep the melody.

On the (Boccherini) Minuet, we went back to that syncopated rhythm in the second bar. In practice, I’m playing it really slowly so I can tap out the rhythm and not shortchange any beats. But when I get it right, and I do sometimes, the rest of the piece seems to bounce nicely. We also reviewed the trio part. For this, I had to practice getting to the end of the line in rhythm regardless of intonation. I need to hear the rhythm first, then let the other aspects fall into place with further practice.