I played the Boccherini Minuet most of the way through today, and I was surprised. I felt like a different person. I don’t think I learned much between last time and this, and yet everything felt so much easier. I’m almost ready to tackle Emily Wright’s “No tension challenge”. Well, almost. But I’m not nervous about hitting my notes, and I can begin to play with it soon. It’s not really magic, but it does feel like it since so much seems to happen between sessions.

Being back on weekly lessons is certainly helping in this “magic”.

Anyway, the first few bars are coming in better, and the string crossings seem good now, too.

On the K-N, I’m focusing more on the right hand and saying before each bow, “this particular bow which notes the bow will include, and how long they should be”. This feels more kinetically natural for me. I can watch and feel myself move and it feels better in many ways.

Granted, I’m going this at the super-slow pace until my hand learns it. But it ends the total focus on my left hand characterizing the last few days of practice.