We traded cellos after I had a hard time matching pitches. Mine always sounded a bit lower when next to my body. After switching, I realized that Stempie sounded brighter than I gave him credit for being.

On technique, my bent pinky was evident, but I was told it was just a symptom of tension farther back on the arm. Fix that, and the hand will open by itself. Another technique point was that we still need to keep the left hand organized as best we can so that subsequent notes are ready to go. As I shift from fifth to fourth then back to first, my hand needs to be progressively more open.

On the Kummer #44, the rhythm is sounding much better, but the melody and intonation need work. At this point, I need to think of those three eighth notes like after thoughts between the main melody carrying notes. It’s a change of perspective from the last three weeks when those notes were all important.

The next lesson is going to focus on the Boccherini Minuet, so I won’t be blogging Kummer too much, although I did get a new piece that brings my hand up to C5. Lots of shifting. This is Kummer #42. The Minuet needs to be played light, which is the total opposite of my personality. But I think it will be good. I need to enter where I am less comfortable. That’s the only way to invite change.