This is really going to be a bit less profound than what I have been building up. I had been spreading myself too thin, not only for cello but also in my life. I learned two things that were rather surprising. One is that when practicing eighth notes on the metronome, it may be better to set the ‘nome to click on sixteenth beats. This gives me a midtime to help me space myself.

The second thing was what strategies I am using when I want to give up in utter frustration. In this particular instance, it is the rhythm for the Kummer #44. The metronome tip pertained to that, but more importantly, I asked how many misses I should allow myself before I risk ingraining a mistake.

The answer was maybe twice, but then slow down, take smaller pieces, or both. This is fairly common advice. What was interesting was that if I decided to give up for the night, I should resume the next day slower than when I left off. I do not want to repeat any neural pathways that have been left to sit in my sleep.

Since we are back to weekly lessons, I’m hoping the additional feedback means that progress will pick up, and I’ll be getting more for my practice invested.

We added the 4th position “Moon over Ruined Castle” exercise, but otherwise still staying with the same pieces.

Practiced about 35 minutes tonight. I will tackle it again (at a slower pace) in a few moments.