After the last post, I set to practice looking to be present and listen carefully to the music I make. I was much more fun. The following areas in Kol Nidre (3d line) posed challenges for me. In the third measure, I have to reliably find the D harmonic on the D string, then slide back to C# on 4 to finish the phrase.

Another thing I noticed is that while I am getting more comfortable with the upper half of the tenor clef, I still slip back into bass clef thinking in the lower lines of the tenor staff. The lowest line of the tenor staff is an open D. (Well, not necessarily open depending on the music). What I’m trying to do is find physical orientation points for my body corresponding to certain key points in the staff. I feel comfortable seeing I(D) I(G) expressed on a tenor staff, and I’m getting a better feel for where II(G) sits as well.

After I focused on the third line, for my “stress free” part, I went back and played the first lines together, trying to add my primitive version of vibrato. I am noticing that the shifts for those parts are becoming more enjoyable as well.