I’m trying to figure out the right touch of non-celloness to add to this blog. Like a good recurring character, it needs to add some spice but without taking away from the main attraction.

Right now, though, I’m just going to blog my practice, read some Spanish Bow, and head to bed. I’m picking that book up again after a hiatus.

For those of who are still with me, it was Ms. Romano-Lax who provided the inspiration for the name of this blog. This phrase came not from her novel, but from a challenge on Facebook.

Anyway, trying to get my life back on track has been the main theme of the first two months of 2010. Several good developments have happened on this front, and I have to keep the momentum going.

Down to business
: 75 minutes in two 37 minute sections. Actually, I’m not that fastidious about my practice sessions – it just worked out that way.

Warmup: Scale: 2 octave A major, Kummer #35
Piece: Kummer #34
15 minute break
Piece: Boccherini Minuet, from Suzuki 3. Second section. Trying to get my slurs and rhythm right. Still don’t have the mechanics down reliably.