Just had a hard time getting it together today.  I understand why, although I can’t say it here because the internet isn’t as innocent as it used to be.     If we view progress as a series of plateaus followed by ice walls, I’m at the ice wall.  At least I won’t be bored for a while.

Body Mechanics

  • Try to get used to using the power of the ground and your legs rather than your back to obtain control.  This keeps the upper body light and gives you more options
  • As you come back on the C string towards the tip.

Kummer #36

  • F segment to C segment – do not shift.
  • reduced distances of extension in 4th position
  • exaggerate last note just for fun, as an exercise in keeping the figures connected
  • On the slurs, don’t just pull the bow straight and then move your left hand to get the notes.    As the bow is pulled, dynamic adjustments are still needed to give the notes their own shape.

Boccherini Minuet

  • The second measure the notes occur off the beat, and I totally didn’t get it
  • Practice the measure with a metronome but without the cello.  Just practice the beat.

Coming soon (a month or two or three)

  • Thumb position, starting with D major three octave scale
  • Vibrato is a longer process.   I need to be better balanced, and start playing around with it on those notes where I feel well balanced and there is almost a sympathetic movement with the cello. If this sounds impressive, mind you, I do not have the sensitivity to know what this means.   But I’ll understand when I look back on it!