Had a good practice tonight, but I really need to do more metronome work. Quick once-over of the material I covered yesterday, and then I plucked the Boccherini Minuet from Suzuki Book 3 to try to match what I remember hearing on the Suzuki recording this afternoon.

That trill on the 8th measure is tricky because I’m not sure how the grace notes stick in there, or what the piece is trying to do. I’d love a means of reasoning about the music. For instance, what would it sound like if I pulled the trill out? Or kept the tril and ignored the grace notes. What would the effect be?

Still playing with the Lully Gavotte too because the more I play the easier it is to focus on listening rather than playing.

That said, went only a half hour tonight. Because even though I didn’t feel pain in my thumb, it is still recovering from last night’s abuse.