Well, I isolated one reason I haven’t wanted to practice. My I(G) sounds really bad, and I hate listening to it. I’m working through Kummer 36, and I just did the first two measures. I played around with different hand positions to get a nice tone on the I(G). Of course, Two octave G major was my scale today.

I wanted to get a good feel of how fourth position E and G really should sound. I played with a version of the French Folk Song,but starting on G instead of D and working my way around. Then, I went back to Kummer.

I didn’t see much in terms of results, but this area of the fingerboard and staff are less familiar to me, so I spent concentrated time there.

This has been a time where I have been relying on the motivation of others to stay in a practice groove. Here are two hat tips for some cello-motivation.

Emily via Google Wave, reminded me that practice wasn’t about sounding good. Practice is about working near the edge and having the courage to stay there.

Maddie and gottagopractice have pointed out several times not to be too critical of one’s own recordings, but to find the positive in them even when they don’t sound good. This is not the time to worry about sounding good on MP3.