Having trouble playing fourth position on the C string.   Finger angles don’t feel right, and my bow hold is awful.   This is in connection with Kummer #46.   On the positive, side, the Lully Gavotte is starting to sound more musical.  The verdict is tomorrow, when I have my next lesson.

Today was a rainy day on the East Coast.  A perfect day to stay inside all day playing.

Outside of my playing, I need to listen to a wider variety of cello music.  Of course, “The Suites” are fantastic, but it is time to put them aside for a while.   I’m planning to attend the 2/14 performance of the St. Saens concerto by the Lansdowne (PA) Symphony.

For those who think I forgot; I have received expert romantic advice on how to manage this and still give my wife an enjoyably romantic V-day experience even though she does not enjoy cello music as much as I do.