We reviewed Kummer #35, where the emphasis is on phrasing. The phrasing for this piece is very different than I thought.   I will post the abc notation shortly so you know what I mean. The main lesson was to watch not only the groupings, by bar, but also which notes “dance around the others”.   Ask where the notes are leading.

The “Doctors Orders” are to continue with this piece, paying particular attention to how different parts affect my body and how I deal with it. It is intended to be a laboratory for kinesthetic observation.

We also did some technical review about being light and slow on the C string.   Have my elbow up so that I can crank just the right amount of weight needed but no more.  Set and then release the string.

In other News:Tenor Clef

Started a new piece today – Kummer #36.  It’s primarily in Tenor Clef, with one switch back to bass, then back to tenor.   I’m glad I tackled Kol Nidre, so that TC is not totally foreign.   We were talking about different ways to orient oneself to tenor clef.   My way was that top line tenor = bottom line treble.   Dan suggested that the midline of tenor and bass are both open strings, just one over.  That seems a more cello-centered way to think of it.