With enough of my book written to make my deadline, but with more to think about still, I am  heading off for my wife’s first visit with her family in almost two years.   The trip will be short enough to make it impractical to bring the cello, but I will miss playing it quite a bit.  Still, I have to remember that I loved M long before I loved playing cello.

I had a good long session tonight.  First,  F major, paying particular attention to the A-Bb-C-D on I.  I’m still cranking down on the bow a bit hard.   I should have used the metronome, but didn’t.   I just wanted to get grounded in the sound again, after some time off.  I had practiced yesterday, but early in the morning, so it was more than 24 hours between.    I worked the Kummer #35, paying attention tonight mostly to the Bb playing with the two different fingerings.  It is coming along nicely.  Then I switched to the Bourree.    I want to make this another piece to polish for a class.  I am getting better at hearing when I’m out of tune and finding the right note, and I particularly enjoy playing the runs of eighth notes.

Of all the things I enjoy about the cello, ranking high among them is finishing a piece on the C string.  I just need to get it not too heavy so I can hear those overtones again.