Picture of Space Shuttle Liftoff

Picture of Space Shuttle Liftoff

Nothing quite as nice as getting some encouragement from one’s teacher.     We’ll start with some positive points.  The slurs are getting more even, and we’re off to a good start with the Kummer pieces.   We made some improvements to the low F, to the point where we can start to hear some of the overtones nicely.    The trick is to be both light and slow.   We started in tune today, with no major peg fiddling.   

Moving from my C to my F string:    Whether I hit Bb with half position or extended first position depends on whether I’m going higher in pitch, say to the D.  But if I do use half position, I need to remember that the spacing is even wider than for first position.

The Bourrée is getting better.   Bow direction still has some quirks, and some rhythms need to be smoothed out.   Finally, the phrases need to be connected.  

I’m also doing balance exercises on the Wii Fit system.  I’ll be curious to see if this helps my playing.

Short term goals are to polish the Kummer #24, including letting the open strings sing.  I need to be careful not to “skate” past them, leaving them sounding week.

Exciting news – we’re heading into Suzuki Book #3.  That’s the new frontier referenced in our post.   The sad news: I’ll be travelling for a few days, it is generally not worth the trouble to take the cello for this trip, so there will be some radio silence between Christmas and New Year’s eve.

My closing thought is something that Dan shared with me about progress.   Progress from this point is not going to come from patching cracks in my technique, although that will certainly continue.   The real work will be in thinking about the shape of the sound I want to make, and putting technique at the service of those goals.