Today we went into some detail about forearm pain.  It is not normal for that area to be sore, even with vigorous playing.   To remedy this, we looked into bowing technique.   Excessive tension in the pinky was the culprit.    There is also a cousin to this, which is excessive tension in the first finger.   He told me that the two middle fingers do the bulk of the work, with the others being engaged as needed for guidance.   We did a bow lifting exercise with two hands to get used to the feeling.  I should be aware, then, when they are trying to carry too much weight or making the adjustment themselves.

Towards this end, we also worked on leg pushes and trying to lighten my upper body so that I have more control and I’m not pushing too much weight where it is not necessary.  

On double stops, for instance, I need to keep my elbow up and light, and give my hand the freedom to dip down to catch that lower string.  We also did some leg work.  Finally, we talked about not carrying too much tension in the torso so that I can breathe when I play.

All in all, it was about controlling the upper body and keeping it light so that I have maneuverability to deliver the weight when I need it.

New piece!  Kummer #35 in F major. 

New Scale!  Two octave A♭ major and E major.

The Bourrée was complimented as being in better shape than expected. The next quest is to make sure the second note in a slur is getting its full value.