After a hideous day involving lost keys, a nearly missed science fair, followed by a dead battery, and spiced up with a few spirited discussions with my significant other in which Tiger Woods was mentioned, the most I could manage was some scales.   But once I got going, I was able to do a bit more.

I decided that scales were the best  place to start introducing the metronome more systematically.   This way I can learn its features without trying to read music at the same time.

So, here’s the practice for today

A major: Half notes at 80 qpm.   Followed by doublets at 80 qpm,  then quarters at same tempo.  Scales are two octaves.    I’m getting that A string shift down.   It’s almost fun at this point.

C major: Same routine.  C major scale uses fingering that stays on II(C).

Bourreé: 5th line – the part that is mostly in 2d position.   Using metronome and split beats 60 qpm. – Roughly 20 minutes scales and 20 minutes on the Handel.

My 2010 New Year’s resolution is going to center on scales, although I haven’t carved out the details.  Any thoughts?

My 2010 cello goals are going to focus on getting further into the Kol Nidre, as well as developing the vibrato.