Spent considerable time on this piece.  There are a few tricky spots, namely where I have to hit C with 1, D with 2, and E with 4.   I’ve got parts of this working reasonably, but not the whole thing together.  Lesson on Tuesday came faster than I expected.  Letting my right hand drive has been helpful, although I find myself falling on my old bow habits.   I’m going to keep doing that pencil exercise while I’m away from my cello to increase finger coordination and independence.

Continuing to experiment with p and (gasp) pp.

Follow-up 11/30/09

Worked on the transitions -tried to make them smooth and pretty.   Still seeing the bow slow down on the III(C) meaning that I’m thinking too much with the left hand.   Occasionally when I play, I jump back to an easy piece to regain my confidence, but I shouldn’t stay long.  I need to play near the edge if I want to improve.