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Emily wasn’t too happy about my interest in this type of metronome, although I still prefer this to my current metronome, which is not insistent enough for me to hear over my cello. My current electronic one has me looking too closely at the metronome window.

Apparently there are many aspects of this simple device to which I don’t know the answers. I may just have a brief discussion with Dan about how to practice with the ‘nome.

One issue is half beats. When practicing (for sake of argument assume meter is 4/4) should I set the metronome twice as fast so it clicks on the eighths?

I guess the answer is “whatever works”, but I’m curious about how other musicians use the metronome.

I put in a bid on an electric oscillator style but the price got away from me, and I’m not sure I want to spend $70 after S&H right now.

The more I think about metronomes, the more interesting they become. After all, they are devices to break up this continuous, abstract, intangible notion of time, and make it discrete and countable. We’re so used to clocks that we don’t really think about this, but it’s interesting to me to think about how we mark time.