As I may have mentioned earlier, we are having our first group class for my teacher, Dan Delaney, on Sunday November 22. I will be performing two pieces there, and trying to get some primitive video going so that others can hear me play Stempie.

My pieces are not in good shape, but this is not a recital. They do continue to get better. Although I had a lesson today, we focused on new material rather than polishing. I love the Bourrée., particularly the runs of eighth notes.

I did get some advice about setting my wrist before bow changes as well as some finger coordination I can do away from the cello. On the upper half of the bow we talked about dropping my wrist so it feels “squiddy”. Funny, because I decided against clarinet because I didn’t want to be compared negatively to Squidward, although I can match him any day for fussiness.

I’ve also slipped back to one day per week posting again, but I expect this to pick up again as I look back over my first year of cello playing.