Practicing the Gossec Gavotte hard for my upcoming class.   My feelings of “I’m never” are fading, as I decide to focus real carefully on what is really frustrating me.   Among other things,  I’m having trouble in up-bow, particularly my string crossings but also my descending notes.    Trying to really look at setting up the bow at a reasonable position and making the switch with as small a motion as I can.     Lots and Lots of reps.   Just went from A to G back and forth at various heights, then tried the figure.   Also, working through the D to G crossing as I play E down to C.   This is the first time I really have been able to break a technique down into workable parts on my own, so I do feel proud of myself.

It is coming along.   I think I’ll have it down, provided I also practice the “easy” parts, too!