We are planning for fun ways to celebrate my first cello anniversary. My teacher is planning to have a group class in late November, and I will be one of those performing (and being critiqued). I will likely tackle some pieces that I had been working on some time ago, rather than something right on the edge of my ability. This will give me time to focus on musicality rather than notes and navigation.

Our lesson today focused on keeping slurred notes connected, especially as I cross strings. Listening to myself play will help. On the (Gossec) Gavotte, we talked about some more practice games to loosen things up, including playing most of the last two lines on the tip of the bow. Now, we’re not really going to play the entire thing with that exaggerated exercise, but we do this sort of game from time to time to get me to explore new sounds.

Finally, addressed some back pain issues and began using the legs more effectively to bear the weight. It really helped, and it frees the upper body and breathing. Of course, that’s just a taste of what the legs can accomplished, but today was the first time I had that degree of body awareness.

So, two new pieces – Kummer#24, and the Handel Bourré to start exploring, but the priority is going to be on the Gavotte some more and making the Bach Minuet “#2” more musical.